Music in the classroom

Year 6 drumming lesson

Music is very much a part of our school. Some of the music at St. Andrew’s is taught through the following International Primary Curriculum (IPC) units:

Year 1 – ‘What’s it made of?’ – Pupils make their own instruments, then use them to accompany familiar songs using simple rhythms.

Year 4 – ‘They made a difference’ – pupils research a well-known composer, who has influenced others through their music. Over the years, this has ranged from Beethoven to Elvis Presley, Bach to The Beatles.

Year 6 – ‘They see the world like this’ – Pupils learn to play a range of tuned and untuned instruments as an ensemble. More able musicians perform to or record their own pieces. Pupils also study film music scores and analyse the pitch and mood of the piece.

Years 2, 3 and 5  – pupils follow a specialist Music unit every week for 6 weeks in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. This includes three focused areas: untuned and tuned instruments, singing and recording.

This is alternated with Years 1, 4 and 6, who follow an art unit at the same time.

Pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 take part in weekly singing assemblies. Hymns, songs and carols are learnt, as well as songs for festivals. We sing every day and singing together is very much a part of our school. All classes take part in a class assembly throughout the year and these provide a range of musical opportunities, including performance.

Enrichment opportunities in Music

Songsack – The school also supports Year 1 pupils to take part in a programme called Song Sack, a weekly music programme led by the Enfield School Music Service.

Whole class recorder and clarinet lessons – Children in Year 3 have weekly recorder lessons, led by the Assistant and Deputy Head, followed by a performance in the Spring term. All 60 Year 5  pupils learn to play the clarinet. The clarinet lessons are funded by a Government grant and subsidised by the school. These lessons offer the chance for children of all abilities to learn to play an instrument.

Instrumental lessons – We have a team of peripatetic teachers who come in on a weekly basis. Pupils at St. Andrew’s are able to learn to play the following instruments: violin, recorder, flute, clarinet, tenor horn, guitar, piano and keyboard. Pupils who learn to play an instrument at school are able to perform in assemblies throughout the year.

Two choirs – Singing Club and Junior Choir are after school clubs run by teachers. Open to all children in Years 2 to 6, these choirs perform at a range of venues around Enfield, including the Market Square, at local schools and festivals, St. Andrew’s Church and our school fairs.

Year 6 production – every year our Year 6 pupils perform in the end of year production. This is a truly ambitious project and involves all children in singing, playing instruments, drama, visual art and dance. Previous productions have included The Jungle Book and Peter Pan.

More able musicians – For our older and more able musicians who have passed music grades, a music concert in July provides the opportunity for them to really shine. Parents, governors and friends are invited to ‘Music on a Summer’s Evening’, a wonderful event, showcasing the talent of these young people. We also regularly enter pianists (who have passed Grade 2 or above) in the Enfield Piano Competition, where we have had much success.

Year 5 clarinet performance