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Year 6 School Journey

Year 6 School Journey 2021

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Thursday 14th October

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Happy Thursday to you all! Today was a bit of a struggle early morning, the teachers even had to gently shake some children awake at 7am! However, we were all eager to eat the mounds of toast and pastries before heading back to the rooms for the room inspections. These have taken place every morning. I have to say, your children can be extremely tidy when under slight pressure! All rooms were pretty spotless, with shoes put away, washbags and bottles on shelves and cases under beds. I hope this continues when they arrive home. The winning room will be announced tomorrow.

Mrs Dilieto (or Nurse Dilieto) has been amazing this week, tending to minor cuts, scratches, bruises, two headaches and two wasp stings. Being out in the open for 4 days on hoverboards, zorbs, buggys and go karts tends to mean there will be a few knocks but the children have been a tough bunch.

Today's activities included body zorbs, buggy building, ropes and Mysterious Missions. We have thoroughly enjoyed the 18 activities this week, with barely a moment to catch our breath.

The highlight at dinner, after fish and chips, or mac 'n' cheese, was the ice cream cones. The staff have been so accommodating and we gave a huge cheer to the cooks at the end.

All is quiet now, as we settle down for the night. We aim to arrive back between 3.30pm and 4pm tomorrow, depending on traffic. We will send you a text if the time changes. Please do not phone the school. 

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the continuing flood of emails. You have been a very patient set of parents, waiting for this school journey since Year 4. As it nears to an end, we are sure the children will have memories of this trip for years to come. 

We look forward to handing back your beautiful children to you tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday 13th October
Another brilliant day today, full of activities and walking! I personally have reached nearly 18,000 steps, going back and forth along the beautiful lawns and walkways, as well as up and down 3 flights of stairs all day!

Last night, all were asleep by 10:30, so we managed a reasonable night's sleep. Only the owls kept some of us awake. Breakfast was a real treat - bacon, beans and toast. The children have been really enjoying the food, and it is certainly plentiful.

Today there were some new activities - Body Zorbs, Low Ropes, Escape Room and It's a Knockout. We have all been so impressed with the way the children have engaged with every activity. Three groups did the Water Wars activity - a thrilling, cold and hilarious activity. We have seen the children absolutely give 100% in this activity; ducking their heads fully into the water, playing Drip, Drip, Drench and sponge wars. You will be pleased to know that all 53 children have had a warm shower and all 53 were clean by 5 p.m.! Check out the photos.

Miss Mann arrived this afternoon (by helicopter, so the children believe!) see the video below. Half an hour later, Miss Mann arrived on the lawn - coincidence? Who knows...

One of the favourite activities so far has been the Escape room. Please do ask your children about this. Other favourites have been hoverboarding (so difficult!) and aeroball (so exhausting). Once again, the glorious weather has played a big part in the way the week has been planned. Your children have enjoyed fresh air from 8:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. every day. It has been a joy to watch them gain confidence and walk around with increasing independence. 

This evening's activities were once again in the dark but the children still carried on. They do not have much opportunity to be out in almost pitch black, so this has been another tick for resilience.

Finally, I would like to thank every one of you for your encouraging emails. They have been sent through via the school office and I have read them out to the staff. Tomorrow, we have disc golf, Mysterious Missions, buggy building and much more! 

Enjoy your last couple of days of peace. The children have been so busy, they haven't really been able to give much thought to home - which is absolutely as it should be. They will be so pleased to tell you all about their week, though. 

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Tuesday 12th October

Happy Tuesday! Well, this morning began rather early for Mrs Dempsey and myself (Mrs Statham), we won't mention the boys who woke us at 5:30 am! Do not worry, we have completely worn them out today with extra long walks! The temperature was a little cool at 6 degrees when we went for breakfast. However, all the children tucked in to cereal, pain au chocolat, hot chocolate and toast. 

All groups have been involved in 5 activities today, including Water Wars for two groups - the children in these groups were fantastic! Getting wet was so much fun and having a warm shower afterwards, even better. The weather has been fantastic too, we really are very lucky. 

Other activities included archery, disc golf, buggy building, den building, archery adventure, campfire and a night hike. Spaghetti bolognese was the favourite for tea, with some going up for seconds and thirds. Plenty of salad has been eaten, too!

The teachers have been trying so hard to take photos and send them on. The WiFi signal is poor, due to the thick walls of the old house. We are doing our best to send these to school to be uploaded, but the teachers are having to wait for a decent signal.

We hope you appreciate and understand that the teachers are busy with your children, so not every child will be represented on a photo every time. Over the course of the week, we will do our best to make sure the whole group can be seen on the website. Many thanks to Miss Jones for uploading all of these to the website and to our Twitter account. 

As I write, some children have fallen asleep. Hooray! We are looking forward to more new activities tomorrow. Thank you for the lovely 'thank you' emails we have received. They mean a lot to us. We look forward to seeing Miss Mann tomorrow.

Monday 11th October

We are so delighted to be at Grittleton House. It is truly a magnificent place and the grounds are incredible. Today's journey was very straightforward and no one was ill! 

After a tour and lunch, the children were put into activity groups and off they went in full sunshine to take part in go karting, rock wall climbing, Escape Grittleton, den building and archery. 

We then hauled the luggage up a flight of stairs to the rooms and very spacious there are, too. Lots of in and out of rooms for a while until everyone got used to their surroundings. We can already see the tidy ones! 

A quick game of tag before dinner and plenty to eat, including a wonderful salad bar.  An evening campfire and a game of Beat the Elite.