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Children in Year 1 to Year 6 children are taught six Science units a year.

These units deliver a coherent, complete science curriculum which helps pupils to progress their knowledge, understanding and skills as they move through the school.

These skills include observing closely and performing simple tests in KS1 through to gathering and using data to set their own hypotheses in KS2. 


Alongside this, children develop a wide range of scientific vocabulary within each topic and use a range of practical STEAM activities to enthuse and broaden their learning experiences.

Annual Overview
Year Group Units

Year 1

Plants and Animals Where We Live
Who am I?
Polar Places
On Safari

Year 2

Healthy Me
Material Monsters
Twist, Bend, Squash & Stretch
Little Masterchefs
Young Gardeners
Our Local Environment

Year 3

Rocks & Soil
Food & Our Bodies
Light & Shadow
How does your garden grow?
Forces & Magnets
The Nappy Challenge

Year 4

Living Things
Looking at States
The Big Build
Teeth & Eating
What’s that Sound?
Power it Up!

Year 5

Material World
Amazing Changes
Out of this World
Let’s Get Moving!
Growing Up & Growing Old
Circle of Life

Year 6

Classifying Living Things
Healthy Bodies
Evolution & Inheritance
The Titanic

As part of our local units of work, the children will also have the opportunity to undertake trips around the local area. These include Forty Hall, Enfield Town and Hillyfields.