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Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught Geography once a term, with the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired progressing across the key stages. A range of opportunities are provided for pupils to enable them to communicate their knowledge and understanding of the subject. The scope of units taught increases from the pupils’ own environment in KS1 to the wider world in KS2. Some units specifically focus on human geography, and others focus on physical geography, but most are holistic geography units considering both together.

Below are the three units of geographical study that will be taught in each year group:
Year 1: Our Local Area, People and Their Communities, Animals and Their Habitats 
Year 2: Seasons, Journeys: Food, Our Wonderful World
Year 3: Climate and Weather, Our World, Coasts
Year 4: The Americas, Rivers and the Water Cycle, Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Year 5: Changes in our Local Environment, Europe: A Study of the Alpine Region, Journeys: Trade 
Year 6: South America: The Amazon, Protecting the Environment, Our World in the Future

We also supplement the learning throughout the year with educational visits, speakers, local walks and visiting local areas of interest. These trips include the beach, Forty Hall and Enfield Town.


Across the school from Year 1 to Year 6 the children are taught three topics of History a year. The children are a taught a range of historical skills which they develop upon each year. These skills include historical knowledge (constructing and sequencing the past), historical concepts (change and development and cause and effect) and historical enquiry. The children will also develop a wide range of historic vocabulary within each topic and use a range of historical sources to enthuse and broaden their learning experiences.

Below are the three units of historical study that will be taught in each year group.
Year 1: My Family History, The Greatest Explorers, Great Inventions: Transport 
Year 2: Bonfire Night and The Great Fire of London, Holidays, Our Local Heroes 
Year 3: The Stone Age, The Iron Age and the Bronze Age, Local History
Year 4: The Ancient Egyptians, Roman Britain, Crime and Punishment 
Year 5: The Anglo-Saxons, The Kingdom of Benin, Journeys
Year 6: The Maya Civilisation, The Ancient Greeks, The Impact of War

We also supplement our curriculum with educational visits and speakers). As part of our local history units, the children will also have the opportunity to undertake trips around the local area. These include Forty Hall, Enfield Town and Chase Green War Memorial.