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School Meals

At lunchtime your child may have a school meal or bring a packed lunch from home.

Our school meals are cooked on site by Taylor Shaw catering, who provide us with healthy balanced meals freshly prepared each day.

Children eat in the main hall, whether they have school meals or bring a packed lunch. If your child is bringing a packed lunch from home, please make sure that it does not contain chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks and that the drink is not in a glass bottle.

We are a nut free school. Please ensure that lunch boxes do not contain any products containing nuts.

All lunch boxes must be clearly marked with your child’s name.

In warmer weather, our KS2 children may enjoy eating their packed lunch outside.

All children in YR-Y6 are able to have universal free school meals. Please remember to book your child's lunch each day, via ParentPay - you will not incur a charge, as all lunches are free (as of September 2023).

Children may have school dinners or packed lunches, not a mixture of both. Please note that we ask children to only change from one to the other, after a school holiday. Please let the school office know about any changes.

If your child is going home for lunch, they must be collected from outside the office and they should not return to school before the start of the afternoon session.

We are very pleased to be part of the Governments’ School Fruit Scheme, which provides a piece of fruit to every child from Reception to Year 2. We are very happy for our older children to bring a piece of fruit to school to eat during the morning break. All children are encouraged to drink water regularly, please provide a filled water bottle each day