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Design Technology

Design Technology

At St. Andrew’s, we value Design Technology, as part of our aim to ensure our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum. We use cross-curricular links to support Design Technology units and ensure the subject elements of Design, Make, Evaluate and Technical Knowledge are fully taught. In every unit, we try to design something, for somebody, for some purpose.

Each year group covers three topics a year. 

Year Group Overview

Year 1
Cooking and Nutrition: 
Structures: Windmill
Mechanisms: Wheels and axles

Year 2
Mechanisms: Making a monster
Structures: Baby bear’s chair
Textiles: Pouches

Year 3
Cooking and Nutrition: Eating seasonally
Mechanical Systems: Pneumatic toys
Structures: Constructing a castle/building

Year 4
Structures: Pavilions
Textiles: Fastenings
Mechanical Systems: Making a slingshot

Year 5
Mechanical Systems: Pop-up book
Structures: Bridges
Cooking and Nutrition: What could be healthier?

Year 6
Mechanical Systems: Automata toys
Textiles: Waistcoat